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 Water & Mold Damage

Mold and water damage with info about service

Water Services Include

  • Mold & Lead Abatement
  • Water Mitigation
  • Moisture Elimination
  • Restorative Construction

Of all damages occurred, water and mold damages account for 40 percent and are the second most filed claim in the United States. Water damages can occur in any shape or size, most common are:

  • flooding from sudden rainfall 
  • flooding from underground water damaging the building’s foundation 
  • frozen or leaky pipes 
  • plumbing issues 
  • leaky roofs

No matter the source, water damages if left untreated can encourage the growth of mold and bacteria, causing severe health issues and decrease the value of your home!

At Going Green, we minimize the damage to your home or business by using the most effective dehumidifying and drying methods and equipment for all water and mold damages. Don’t let water and mold issues leave you feeling drowned, let Going Green pull you out!

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