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    Storm & Hail Damage

 Lightning Strike in Field info about storm damage

Storm Services Include

  • Full Hail Damage Repair
    • Siding & Gutters
    • Roofing & Decks
    • Windows & Glass
  • Structural Damage Repair
  • Restorative Construction
  • All Exterior Finish

Did you know that recent studies show that storm, wind and hail damage accounts for 45 percent of all insurance claims? When a storm hits, any and everything is subjected to damages, this especially includes the exterior of the home or business including: roofs, siding, gutters, windows and decks.

Our team of experts have seen it all and no case is too extreme for us to help you rebuild and get your life back on track! Here in the Mid-west, we have more experience than any other region dealing with the aftermath of tornadoes, in which, of all storm issues, account for over 25 percent of all damage claims! 

From intricate nicks on siding to complete devastation of the home or building, Going Green is your total-care, one-stop shop for tornado damages!

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