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Fire & Smoke Damage

Burning barn with info about fire damage

Fire Services Include

  • Full Smoke Damage Removal
    • Air Scrubbing
    • Smoke Seals
    • and more
  • Structure Repair
  • Restorative Construction


Whether your building is residential or commercial, it is always subjected to the risk of fire and smoke damages. The U.S. Fire Administration estimated last year that an average of 40 percent of fire and smoke damages were caused by cooking in both residential AND non-residential buildings.

What most don’t realize is that fire damage is only the physical aspect of these damages. Smoke damage can be deadly if not dealt with in a timely manner for it can absorb into the components of the building and cause corrosion to not only the building, but cause long term health issues for the resident(s) as well!

At Going Green, we have a dedicated team of mitigation specialists who follow a detailed and rigorous process to rid the residence or building of fire and smoke damages so you can breath easy knowing that your home or building is restored to a pre-loss state!

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